Saturday, September 05, 2015

Gold Sluice Box

Gold sluice box - New Design

The sluice box in the video is a 10 Inch - Monster Sluice Box with Rail Track System Classifier & Flare. It has the Best Matting in the Industry Hands Down Bar None- Gold Stays Put... while the Black Sand Dissipates - " Beach Box matting Clean up system. - Black Sand leaves - Gold Stays Put Highest Quality Materials Used Made in the Original - U.S.A Extra Long Quality Sluice New Deep Ribbed Beach Box Matting

Interested in a custom sluice box like this one? . . . email Bob at:

This beautiful quality gold prospecting sluice boxes are made by Custom order Get the new Deep Groove Beach Box Matting upgrade underneath the ripple system, so you can use the beach Box Matting under the ripple tray system to do your clean up panning needed - You Gotta Love that !!! .Simply slow down you water. The Black sand will dissipate and leave the Gold in the matting.