Friday, August 24, 2012

Gold Drywashers for sale

Gold Drywashers for sale 

This gold prospecting equipment is made of 22 gauge sheet metal to cut cost and the leg system is a 1 piece tubing design ( emt ) without any welds to break with emt elbows mounted to the hopper.
The hopper has an adjustable flow gate and also has a 3 height (angle) adjustment. Bracing is in the right spots for strength and sheet metal is flanged for strength. The unit vibrates with a counter weight fan assembly with a double sealed bearing. Fan is 5″ diameter 8 blade. The riffle tray swings up for easy clean up and the riffles are bolted to the tray sides ( no welds).  When a gas leaf blower (not included) is hooked-up, it makes the recovery box shake (counter weight fan assembly) and the lighter materials to be ejected .

It has a 3″ OD hose adapter and a 3″ RV sewer hose fits nice (hose not included), Also the air flow passing through the Lexan riffle board creates an electrostatic charge which helps fine gold to cling to the riffle board cloth. The hopper is 23″x13″, the recovery box is 20″x8″. The whole unit stands about 46″ and weighs  22lbs. Unit folds small for EZ transport.

This gold prospecting drywasher performs better than many of the more expensive drywashers. These gold prospecting drywashers were first produced in March of 2011.

These prospecting drywashers have been purchased and tested by experienced prospectors and has had rave reviews. One purchaser said this drywasher had better fine gold recovery when compared to a nation brand drywasher they also owned!

Get one of these brand new gold drywashers for $269.00

Also,  we have a few  refurbished by the manufacturer to the original condition, 170 Mph 25 CC gas leaf blowers for just $79.00!.

For now, all units are for pick-up in San Diego and California sales tax is additional. If interested, call Bob (619-286-5604) to reserve your gold drywasher today!

Gold Drywashers for sale